Environmental, Social, and Governance

For over 90 years, Gallagher has led with a commitment to sustainability and supporting the communities where we live and work. Our high standards of ethical behavior are grounded in our corporate culture’s cornerstone, The Gallagher Way, written by our former Chairman, Robert E. Gallagher in 1984. The Gallagher Way embodies how we interact with our clients, how our employees treat one another and our belief to be active and agents of positive change in the communities we operate.

Gallagher’s impact report and related documents provide in-depth information about our ongoing sustainability efforts. We are committed to operating in a sustainable manner to safeguard the future. With our people at our core, they are the driving force that impact our clients, partners and communities.

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Our Global Impact

Gallagher calls 68 countries home, yet our mission to improve the world transcends borders and cultures. Whether on or off the grid, our teams strive to leave the communities we serve better than we found them.

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We support one another. We believe in one another. We acknowledge and respect the ability of one another.

Tenet #2, The Gallagher Way